MC Pergolas offer bespoke outdoor kitchens Adelaide to elevate your home lifestyle. The demand for outdoor kitchens stems from a mutual love for the great outdoors, and with beautiful biodiversity and (reasonably) calm weather, it’s absolutely no secret why! To optimise the use of your outdoor space, we begin every project with a comprehensive consultation. We discuss your:
  • Preferred style (e.g. coastal, cottage style, eclectic etc.)
  • Functionality criteria (e.g. island bench, L-shaped, one wall kitchen etc.)
  • Product Selections (fittings, fixtures, bench tops, lighting etc.)
  • Dimensions (length, height and width of your space)
  • Overall purpose (entertaining, family dining, casual BBQs etc.)
We’ll also take your budget into account; devising creative solutions to reduce costs without compromising quality or style. Our level of customer service and ability to adapt to meet your needs is exactly what sets apart in our industry. Get advice from the experts in outdoor kitchens Adelaide!
Outdoor Kitchens Adelaide

Designing with Purpose

When it comes to choosing a design for your outdoor kitchens Adelaide, the main points to consider are location and layout—because spatial organisation is the link between design and activity. For example, an integrated kitchen is better if you’re looking to create an open space for socialising and entertainment, whereas a detached kitchen is a more practical solution if you’re looking for a private space to focus. Some integrated kitchen ideas that are popular with our customers include:
  • Combined bar and kitchen
  • Multi-purpose appliances (like Island benches for prep and dining)
  • In-built kitchen units (with surfaces that sit flush to disguise them)
As the specialists in outdoor home improvements, we can also tie in a range of other design elements like decking, patios, pergolas, heaters, lighting and more to deliver a turn-key outdoor living solution. Get advice from the experts in outdoor kitchens Adelaide!

Why Move When You Can Improve with MC Pergolas?

Outdoor kitchens Adelaide don’t just transform spaces, they transform lifestyles. Finding the perfect home with all your ideal features is near impossible, so why not make it yourself? You can create a fresh start in your very own home, without having to relocate and compromise comfort or start from scratch. We can build anything from porticos and porches to create the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of tea, or even extend your home to give you extra living space. Whatever it is you need, our engineers will come up with an objective-based solution to give you a greater sense of freedom. In the long run, our work effectively pays for itself. You end up cutting back going-out costs, increasing the sale value of your home, and maintaining the peace among family members—which is absolutely priceless. Kick back and enjoy the design process and we’ll manage the heavy lifting!
Nothing is too difficult for the MC Pergolas team. Our outdoor kitchens Adelaide have a high-quality reputation, and with well-rounded capabilities in the construction field, we can integrate solutions to create the ideal outdoor entertaining space. Call us on 0402 261 542 to book your design consultation today!