Outdoor Kitchens Adelaide

Outdoor Kitchens Adelaide and entertaining areas should be designed to be used year round. MC Pergolas works with you to create an outdoor kitchen and living space that fits your budget and your needs.

At MC Pergolas we can work with you to design an outdoor kitchen Adelaide that makes sense for the space you’ve got.  Whether we remove a wall of your home to open and expand your living area to you back, front or side yard and then construct a living space with your purpose built outdoor kitchen or if you are looking for a detached outdoor living area that adds a new separate dimension to your property, our team of engineers and builders will construct your outdoor kitchen and living area to suit your needs and dreams specifically.

Outdoor Kitchens Ideas

  • Integrated outdoor kitchens with sliding bi-fold doors
  • Integrated outdoor kitchens with French doors
  • Outdoor kitchen concepts that include Roof Pergolas
  • Open air outdoor kitchens fully weatherproofed
  • Annex style outdoor kitchen and entertaining area
  • Stainless steel outdoor kitchens with bar
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